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GMC 7139537



I completed my mandatory Foundation training through the South London NHS Trust training programme being awarded merit for my final portfolio. During the training I worked in Cardiology, Vascular and General Surgery, Acute Medical Care, Emergency Medicine, Trauma & Orthopaedics and Eldery Care Medicine.



I completed my GP training under the Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. Here I worked in ENT, Emergency Medicine, Palliative Care, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paediatrics and Neonatalogy. My final year was exclusively in General Practice and I was enrolled on the Enhanced programme where I spent an extra 3 months working on a Quality Improvement Project locally where we were integrating a communication platform between primary and secondary care.

2016 onwards


I have worked as a NHS GP Partner in Kent as well as a Corporate & Private GP and Health Screening doctor in London. This allowed me to develop a great understanding of how General Practice works and also what my patients wanted and required.  I developed a passion around Lifestyle Medicine following a greater understanding of it through performing multiple Health Screens on a weekly basis. Now working as a Private GP in Sevenoaks I feel I am well equipped to offer a variety of services for my patients,  

Lifelong Learning


I am a fully qualified GP so have a broad depth of knowledge and experience. My particular interests include practising as a family physician, lifestyle medicine and skin.

I became a GP because I enjoy having continuity with my patients and hope to provide lifelong care for you and your family. I feel patients require a gatekeeper for their health who knows the  full history and can act as a first point of contact for one's health and be abvle to arrange appropriate investigations and onwards referrals when necessary.

I am a firm believer in lifestyle playing a crucial place in health and wellbeing and by addressing this one can optimise ones health significantly. I am a meber of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine which is of great interest to me and I aim to enrol and complete the Certificate of Lifestyle Medicine.

Skin lesions can be a major concern for people and I have furthered my education around skin lesions through training and performing Dermatoscopy. Dermatoscopy is the examination of skin lesions with a dermatoscope (handheld illuminating, magnifying device). It allows for inspection of skin lesions unobstructed by skin surface. Using such an instrument when reviewing my patients can allow for a definitive diagnosis of any non-worrying lesions. If there are any concerns I have access to the consultant dermatologists for further management.

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